• Youth softball team raffles handgun

    By: Carl Willis


    LOGANVILLE, Ga. - A girls softball team is raffling off a handgun as a fundraiser and some parents don't think that's a good idea.
    One person who only identified themselves as a disappointed parent sent Channel 2 Action News the flyer advertising a Taurus Judge revolver as the grand prize.
    They believe this is an inappropriate fundraiser for a youth sports team, and some other parents agreed.
    "I just think it's not a good idea," Diana Smith told Channel 2's Carl Willis.
    She's not affiliated with the Georgia Heat Select '05 team in Loganville, but her children play on the same fields at West Walton Park.
    That's where Willis found a wide range of opinions on the raffle supporting the group of 8- and 9-year-old girls.
    "We play travel ball," said Deccia Basti. "It costs enough as it is. You raffle anything you can."
    "People have a problem with just about anything nowadays," said Kristin Hyers.
    Amanda Allred didn't see a problem as long as the weapon didn't end up in the wrong hands. 
    "I think it's perfectly fine. It's raising money for a good cause," she said.
    But Smith said the promotion could send the wrong message.
    "I just don't think it should be based around any type of weapons or anything that can cause harm especially when you're dealing with children," she said.
    The team mom said they're simply offering a prize that will get the biggest response.
    "When we offer a gun, we're offering something that people want to participate in," said April Harrison. "Some people may not want a TV."
    She said they're taking steps for a safe transfer using a voucher that would be redeemed through a gun shop.
    "You either have to have a concealed weapon permit which means you've already passed a background check, or pass a background check at the gun shop," said Harrison.
    Still, some believe this contest is off target.
    "I'm for people having (guns) in their homes or using them for hunting or whatever they want to use them for," said Smith. "If it's anything to do with kids, I don't think weapons should be involved."
    According to the team mom, the Walton County Sheriff, some county commissioners, and Georgiacarry.org support the raffle. 

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