Women accused of manufacturing synthetic marijuana

by: Richard Elliot Updated:


NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - Newton County deputies and federal agents raided a home and seized 3,000 bags of what they believe to be synthetic marijuana. 

They arrested two women, but they said they won't charge them with felonies until the bags are tested.
Deputies got a tip that 24-year-old Jasmine Bevins and 25-year-old Heather Maddox were manufacturing synthetic marijuana and selling it out of their Trelawney Place home, deputies said.  After an investigation, deputies and agents raided the house. 

Deputies charged Bevins and Maddox with misdemeanor drug possession, but they could soon be facing felony charges.
"The (Drug Enforcement Agency) is currently testing the suspected synthetic marijuana to see if the Schedule I narcotics are located in it," said Deputy Courtney Morrison of the Newton County Sheriff's Office.  "If it is, then more charges could follow."
Morrison said synthetic marijuana manufacturing in homes is something new and that the sheriff's office has a zero tolerance policy on it.  She also said it’s made by spraying dangerous chemicals onto herbs to reproduce the effects of marijuana.
Gov. Nathan Deal recently signed a bill into law making it illegal to create any kind of synthetic marijuana.
"It's just amazing to know anyone actually knows how to do that," said neighbor Jessica Barts.  "I think it's absolutely ridiculous.  I mean dealing with this in our neighborhood two houses down from where we live in kind of scary."
A DEA spokesman said it could be several weeks before they get test results back.