Woman accused of causing wrong-way crash suspected in hit-and-run

by: Kerry Kavanaugh Updated:


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned police believe the same woman accused of causing a wrong-way crash on Highway 316 may have been responsible for a hit-and-run just days before.

The hit-and-run victim told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh he reported to police the driver that hit his car was sleeping behind the wheel.

He told police when the driver came to, she drove around his car hitting the driver's side and took off.

Gwinnett County investigators now believe the same driver, Beverly Wilkins, 37, slammed head-on into a carload of college students just days later.

Police believe both times she was under the influence of the same powerful sedative linked to the death of Michael Jackson.

"The demeanor and her actions that evening led them to believe that she could have been under the influence of that narcotic," said Cpl. Ed Ritter with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police said the first incident, a hit-and-run, happened Monday, Aug. 20 on Highway 316 at Highway 120.

Kavanaugh requested and obtained the 911 calls from the man who claimed he was hit that night.

"Some lady hit me from the back. I saw the lady, she's laying down," the man said in the call to 911. "I don't know if she's passed out or something. I... I just felt the car."

He told police the driver bumped the rear of his Chevy pickup while he was stopped at a red light.

Operator: "What's the location of your emergency?"
Caller: "I'm at 316 Lawrenceville."
Operator: "316..."
Caller: "Hey man, hey man hey she's gonna (expletive)"
Operator: "Sir..."
Caller: "....She's gonna hit my door."

Days later, Channel 2 Action News was at the scene of a wrong-way crash on Highway 316 and Highway 29.

Police arrested Wilkins, who they said had injected herself with two vials of propofol. Wilkins allegedly stole the vials from the Gwinnett Medical Center where she worked, police said.

The crash seriously injured five college students. Police said three of them remain in the hospital.

Wilkins bonded out of the Gwinnett County Jail Friday.

Thursday, a judge granted her a $100,000 bond on the condition she go directly to rehab.

Her attorneys said they arranged to place her in a 12-week residential program.