Woman upset over handling of break-in investigation

by: Richard Elliot Updated:

ATLANTA - A Lithia Springs man admits someone offered him what he thinks was a laptop stolen during a break-in at a northwest Atlanta home.
In July, two masked men robbed Kathy King's nanny at gunpoint in front of two twin baby boys.  King was not at home at the time. She said a Mac computer was stolen.
King said days later, she received two email alerts, a week apart, tracing her computer to a Lithia Springs apartment complex.  She said she contacted Atlanta police, but detectives said they never found anyone who knew anything about the stolen laptop at that address.
Channel 2’s Richard Elliot went by the apartment Monday and found Andre Johnson, who claimed he turned on a Mac computer twice when an unnamed friend tried to sell it to him for $150.
"I knew something was wrong with the computer because I know about computers," said Johnson.  "If you can't get pass the password, you cannot upload or download on a computer."
He said once he felt the computer could be stolen and decided not to buy it.
"I didn't receive the property. Someone tried to sell it to me.  I saw that it was stolen, and it was password protected.  It would've been a waste of money, and it also had the chance of being hot," Johnson said.
He said he was willing to cooperate with the police investigation.
King is upset over what she says was a delay between the time she got the second email alert and when Atlanta police called her.  King said she called police on a Friday about the second trace but was told no one could help her until Monday.  She's afraid that delay hurt the investigation.
"It seems that no one cares. I've gotten a lead in the case and again, no one seems to care," King said.
Zone Two commander Major Van Hobbs said they have launched an internal investigation to see if there was any delay but also said they are actively investigating the case and are pursuing leads.
"It is an active investigation. We are pursuing leads that we do have, and we are doing an internal investigation as to the fact of, was she told that or was she not, and we'll find out if that's the case," Hobbs said.