• Woman takes in dog abandoned at restaurant

    By: Tom Regan


    SNELLVILLE, Ga. - A woman and her son said they were stunned to see a dog abandoned outside of a Snellville restaurant Wednesday night.

    Debbie Storm said a man tied a black poodle to a tree, said a couple of words to a restaurant worker and then drove off without the dog.

    "My son felt really bad. I wouldn't do that to a child, and you don't do that to animals either, because there's always some resource out there that can help you," Storm told Channel 2’s Tom Regan.

    Storm said she took the mixed male poodle home because she was worried the dog would be put down. She said it didn't have a name tag on the collar, so she named it “G.C.,” after the restaurant where she found the dog, Golden Corall.

    She said the dog is housebroken and well-trained.

    "When he wants to go outside he does flips, back flips," said Storm.

    The poodle had no visible injuries. Storm said she will try to find a permanent home for the dog, but if not, she may keep him.

    "My son wants to keep him. He rides in the car, sticks his head out the window. (He's) a lot of fun," said Stone.

    Stone also filed an animal abandonment report with Gwinnett County authorities.

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