Woman shot, killed outside Fayette Co. home

by: Carl Willis Updated:

A woman and her grandmother return home to find a gunman leaving their Fayette County home Friday morning.

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - A Fayette County woman was killed outside her home Friday morning after she interrupted a burglary in progress.

Fulton County police were called to the home on Bohannon Road in north Fayette County shortly before 11:30 a.m. The case is now being investigated by Fayette County deputies.

Deputies said the 44-year-old woman lived at the residence with her 78-year-old grandmother. When the women returned home from running morning errands, they heard someone inside the home, deputies said.

"The suspects after encountering the victims fled the scene where they fired a single shot," said investigator Brent Rowan.

He said the suspects ran out of a back door when they heard the residents return.

A family friend who did not want to be identified told Channel 2's Carl Willis the victims had another unwelcome visitor recently.

"Her and her granddaughter were in the house one night and somebody was trying to break the front door down," said the friend. "She said 'I had my gun but I could not go to the front door because they could see me.'"

There was no confrontation then, and investigators said there was hardly any encounter this time either.

The victim and her grandmother left the home as soon as they realized someone was inside.

The women backed out and saw a silver car driving away, deputies said.

Even though the suspects were not confronted and were already getting away, one of the suspects in the car fired at victim.

"There was one shot that hit the girl in the face," said the family friend.

He said the 44-year-old, whose name investigators declined to release, was born with a disability.

"She walked with a bit of a limp and some of the words were real plain, but you could understand her," said the neighbor.