• Cops arrest alleged gunman in Hapeville woman's shooting


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police have arrested a man accused of shooting a woman at her Hapeville residence on Friday morning.

    Melvin Kemp, 27, was arrested Saturday afternoon near Fulton Industrial Boulevard. He was taken into custody after Hapeville detectives called Kemp's cellphone and urged him to turn himself into police.

    Police said Kemp shot a woman around 10 a.m. Friday at her unit in the Willingham Apartments on Willingham Drive near South Central Avenue.

    An employee at Scott Exterminators Co., across the street from the apartment complex, told Jones a woman covered in blood, ran to the business and said she had been shot.

    "From my understanding, her boyfriend shot her; knocked on the door and shot her or something like that, and then she went looking for help and she ended up here," said the employee, who asked to not be identified.

    Police initially told Channel 2's Tom Jones the shooting was domestic-related. But now they say the woman says she is not involved with the alleged shooter. Police are now investigating the case as a robbery.

    Brunilda Santana, Willingham Apartments manager, said she saw Kemp when he arrived at the complex. She said he was speeding  through the complex and almost hit her car.

    "I'm telling him, 'Hey, what's going on? You're going to hit my car,''' recalled Santana.

    Santana said Kemp replied, "Apartment 1." Then minutes later, the tenant in the apartment was shot once.

    "I'm very surprised because she's a very nice person here. She doesn't give me complaints or nothing at all," Santana said.

    Police said the victim is conscious and alert when she was taken to a hospital.

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