• Woman says trooper shot pleading man


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A woman said she watched a state trooper shoot a man while he begged her not to.

    The man, Garcia Venson, is accused of beating former trooper Kimberly Davis after the shooting. Davis said she shot Venson because he resisted arrest, but he believes it was unjustified.

    Channel 2’s Tom Jones was in court Wednesday when a woman who witnessed the shooting took the stand. She lives next door to the house where prosecutors said the incident unfolded.

    The confrontation took place at the tail-end of a high-speed chase in May 2010. Davis said Venson refused to comply with her constant commands, and she feared for her life when she shot him. She said although he was shot, Venson managed to grab her gun and beat her with it. Davis’ injuries forced her to retire.

    The neighbor testified that from her vantage point, Venson did nothing to provoke the shooting.

    "While he had his back turned, he said to her, ‘Please don't shoot me,’ and she had the gun in back of his head. She said, ‘I'll blow your so-and-so brains out.’ Next thing you know, I heard a shot," witness Rena Mcknight said.

    If convicted, Venson could receive an 80-year prison sentence.

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