Woman says school bus dropped 5-year-old at wrong stop



SUWANEE, Ga. - A mother wants an apology from a local school district after she says a bus dropped off her 5-year-old son alone at the wrong stop.
“I'm so rattled because every scenario I played out in my head was a bad one. What could have happened,” said mother Shawn Ford.
It was the first day of kindergarten for Bryson Ford who rode the bus from his day care to Roberts Elementary School in Suwanee. Ford said she sent Bryson with a tag on his backpack indicating he was to be dropped off at the day care after school as well.
“His name is on the bag. It tells your bus number and of course your destination,” Ford said
Ford said for Bryson's first day, she left work early just so she could get familiar with his bus route and even followed the bus to the day care to pick him up. But when the bus arrived, Bryson wasn't on it. Instead, he had been put on a bus to his neighborhood stop on Westbrook Road. 
“All alone, walking in the neighborhood, crying looking for help,” Ford said.
“I was scared and somebody heard me crying,” Bryson said.
Ford said a man painting a nearby house, who didn't speak English, tried to help her son and stayed with him until she arrived. Ford said the confusion stemmed from Bryson’s teacher putting an additional tag on his backpack, with his home bus stop. But Ford said she had already told the teacher Bryson should have the day care drop-off tag and isn't clear why the other was added.
“No one stopped, pulled the cord to call me to say there are two tags here where is he supposed to go?” Ford said.
She said she spoke with the principal Wednesday to make sure this doesn't happen again, but she said she still has concerns.  
“I didn't feel that comforted. I felt like, ‘OK we have it under control, bye. You’re good now,’” Ford said.
Ford said she would still like an apology from the school and also wants her son switched to a different teacher.
According to the district, they have addressed this specific tag mixup and also reminded the staff all students should have just one transportation tag.