Woman says flying marble nearly caused a deadly crash



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A woman says she was nearly killed when someone threw a large marble at her as she drove down Ashford Dunwoody Road in DeKalb County. She said she was able to swerve at the last minute and later found the marble lodged into her side view mirror.

Ya Fang Cravey said she saw something flying right toward her head as she drove down Ashford Dunwoody Road near Montgomery Elementary School.

“I don't know what's going on,” Ya Fang Cravey said.

So she quickly swerved.

“I can tell some stuff coming. I hear the big boom,” Ya Fang Cravey said.

The big boom was cause by the impact to her side view mirror. When she got home she grabbed her husband.

“I really thought it was a bullet at first,” Chester Cravey said.

Then Chester got a flashlight.

“[I] pointed in the hollow right down there and saw this blue glow,” Chester Cravey said.

The blue glow was from a large marble that is now in an evidence locker at the Brookhaven Police Department. Chester Cravey said someone threw it directly at his wife when they drove by her and it never hit the ground because it's not scratched from bouncing.

“Their speed 35, her speed 35, that's 70 miles per hour almost like a fastball pitcher,” Chester Cravey said.

If Ya Fang hadn't swerved, it could've been worse.

“If it hit her windshield it would've killed her or she would have wrecked,” Chester Cravey said. “She had wrecked you would have had a piled up car and no one would've looked for a marble."

There's also a reason why the Craveys decided to do an interview for drivers in the area.

“Somebody do this once they going to do it again. You don't go out and buy one marble,” Chester Cravey said.

Channel 2 contacted the Brookhaven Police Department and they said so far this is an isolated incident. They did take the marble to see if they could pull any fingerprints off it.