• Woman pleads guilty to driving drunk with kids in car


    MILTON, Ga. - A Milton woman has pleaded guilty to driving drunk with kids in her SUV.
    Police told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik Marjorie Ryan-Santos’ blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit July 3 when she crashed into a power pole on Mayfield Road.
    In a dash cam video Petchenik obtained, Ryan-Santos repeatedly denied having anything to drink, but was visibly unsteady during a field sobriety test.
    “When they started speaking to her, asking her about what happened, she was very uneasy on her feet, bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech, didn’t really make full sentences,” said Lt. Travis Parker with the Milton Police Department.
    Parker said there were four children in the vehicle, two of them were Ryan-Santos’ children.  Parker said luckily nobody was injured in the wreck.
    “Any time parents will drink and drink to that amount, it’s a very sad day,” he said.  “We’re very lucky the circumstances turned out the way they did and not much worse.”
    Alpharetta City Court officials told Petchenik Ryan-Santos pleaded guilty Tuesday to DUI and one count of DUI Child Endangerment. 
    A judge sentenced her to 10 days in jail and she will be required to pay fines, do community service, will lose her license for a period of time, and will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in her car, officials said.
    Neighbor Doug Robbins witnessed the aftermath of the wreck and told Petchenik he spoke to Ryan-Santos on the scene.
    “She was acting kind of hysterical, to me at first, then she got kind of depressed like something was going on,” Robbins said. “She was back and forth pacing the grass..back and forth.”
    Robbins, who told Petchenik he survived being hit by a drunk driver nearly 25 years ago, said he has no sympathy for the mother.
    “Probably had too many drinks at a friend’s when somebody else should have been the designated driver,” he said.  “Do not drink and drive.”
    Petchenik attempted to reach Ryan-Santos at the address listed on the police report, but a man at the home said she wasn’t there and that they would have no comment.

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