Woman fights bedbugs, apartment complex


PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - An apartment resident in Peachtree City is locked in battle with bedbugs on one side and the apartment complex management on the other.
In her frustration over what she calls a huge infestation that's gone on for months, she turned to Channel 2 Action News for help.

Sabrina Goodson said she called her apartment complex’s exterminator months ago, but the bedbugs are still there. She goes through several cans of bug spray each week and puts pillows in the dryer, hoping the heat will help kill the insects.

"They still eat me up," she told Channel 2’s Jeff Dore.

She said the problem is also taking a toll on her daughter’s health.

A doctor treated her daughter's skin rash for months before diagnosing bedbugs. The exterminator for the Gables Court apartment complex confirmed them, and Dore saw them when he stopped by Goodson’s apartment Friday.

No one at the complex would speak to Dore but by phone, a manager said, “This is an isolated incident that we are working out with Sabrina Goodson.”

Goodson said she is planning on moving out in 30 days but will still face charges.

“They told me that they're going to charge me for the extermination of the apartment for bedbugs upon my leaving and that I will be breaking my lease and they will be charging me for that, too,” she said. “I say, ‘Sue me. I’ll see you in court.’”