• Woman describes 'scary' attack in Phipps Plaza parking lot


    ATLANTA - A woman who was beaten and carjacked in a Phipps Plaza parking lot believes the men responsible will do it again.
    Michelle Wing told Channel 2’s Craig Lucie that she has a warning for other women: never walk alone to your car at night even if it is a populated area.
    “It's sad. I got a job and a life. Just set me back,” Wing said.
    Wing said she was attacked just after 11 p.m. Monday in the parking lot at Phipps Plaza and has been reliving the terrifying moments she experienced.
    The Realtor just wrapped up dinner at Twist with some potential clients when two men followed her as she was about to get into her 2007 gray BMW 5-Series.
    “It's scary, very barbaric,” Wing said. “They ran up from behind me, like full-force run, and he didn't say anything, he just punched me in the face.”
    Wing said she started shouting "stop", but one of the men kept striking her.
    “He hit me four to five times in the nose and the mouth,” Wing said.
    Wing has a hairline fracture in her face, a swollen eye, cheek and mouth.
    Wing, a trained kickboxer, said she went into survival mode by shielding her head telling her attackers to take her car key which she told them was broken.
    “I think he thought I was trying to keep the car from him and that's when he was threatening me, ‘I will f*****g shoot you if you don't give me your car,” Wing said. “That's when I got down. I was thinking he was going to shoot me.”
    Surveillance footage shows a witness speeding away in their car to find security, while Wing is still being attacked.
    Wing believes that for a popular mall like Phipps, more should be done to keep people safe.
    “Maybe Phipps will have more cameras or more security,” Wing said.
    Phipps Plaza sent a statement to Lucie that reads, in part, that "mall management is working closely with the Atlanta Police Department (to provide) shoppers and employees with security escorts to their vehicles upon request."
    Police said they still have not recovered the car and both Wing and police are hoping more witnesses will come forward to help catch the two men.
    Anyone with information in this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.

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