• Woman denies running filthy home for elderly


    MARIETTA, Ga. - The Marietta woman accused of running an unlicensed care home for the elderly responded to some of the police claims about her operation.

    Raequel Penny appeared on the Marietta Square with a civil rights group complaining about the “false information and claims in the media.” 

    Penny would not comment about whether her care home on Laurel Springs Lane was licensed or why she moved residents out after state inspectors came knocking.

    But Penny said she loves those she was caring for and did not mistreat them.  She said pictures police released from her home showing rotten food in a refrigerator and tiny rooms in the basement misrepresented the situation.  Penny said the refrigerator was in the garage and was going to be taken away, and no one was living in the basement.

    She hopes to get her criminal case straightened out and to continue to care for the elderly.  Marietta police have charged her with a misdemeanor charge of running an unlicensed care home, but told us their investigation continues.

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