• Woman accused of throwing weights from 18th-floor balcony

    By: Mike Petchenik


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - A Sandy Springs woman is facing charges after police said she threw several items, including weights, plates and beer mugs from an 18th story balcony at people down below.
    Investigators have taken out warrants for the arrest of Chloe Chalavoutis, 21, stemming from the March 29 incident at the The Vue at Park Towers on Hammond Drive.
    Emory Burman III told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik he was working with a construction crew on a new parking lot when he heard what sounded like tree limbs breaking.
    “I heard a thump,” he said.  “I walked over to see where I thought the limb landed and looked down and found a 2 ½-pound weight.”
    Burman said he heard a woman screaming from a balcony above, then witnessed her go back into her apartment and emerge with another weight.
    “I screamed at the guys to move out of the way, another weight was coming and it hit the ground a second time,” he said.
    The construction crew showed Petchenik how one of the weights had cracked in half because of the impact of the fall.
    Construction company owner Everton Archer told Petchenik one of the weights landed just inches from him.
    “Anything from that distance hits you on the head, you’re liable to get damage,” he said.  “We were pretty surprised when it happened.”
    Police said Chalavoutis didn’t stop with the weights.  They said she also threw ceramic plates and a beer mug off the balcony.
    Carmen Scott told Petchenik she and her 12-year-old daughter were walking on a trail adjacent to the apartment building when the mug shattered on a fence and sprayed glass on them, cutting her daughter’s leg.
    “It’s scary,” she said.
    Scott told Petchenik she was glad police charged Chalavoutis for her alleged actions.
    “I’m glad they’ve done something, because she can kill somebody,” she said.
    An attorney for Chalavoutis told Petchenik by phone that she has cooperated fully with investigators and would be turning herself in soon.

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