103-year-old gifted with mattress after nearly losing home

by: Ryan Young Updated:

Movers and sheriff's deputies refused to evict Vinia Hall from her northwest Atlanta home.

ATLANTA,None - A 103-year-old woman and her elderly daughter were gifted with new mattresses on Thursday for the Atlanta home they were almost evicted from due to foreclosure.
Mattress Firm brought a truck to the home of Vinia Hall and her 84-year-old daughter.

Paul Wallace of Mattress Firm told Channel 2 Action News reporter Ryan Young why the company stepped forward with such a generous donation.

“With them being older, it’s a very pressure-relieving bed, so it will help with their aches and pains. This will make them so much more comfortable,” Wallace said.

The company called Young after the story aired about the women’s possible eviction and stepped forward with the nearly $6,000 donation.

Community activist Derrick Bozeman, who helped the women save their home from foreclosure, spoke on Thursday about the overwhelming community support.

“They went from almost being out of their home to owning the home outright again, to now having new beds that lift up and lay down and are comfortable,” Bozeman said.

The women were threatened with eviction in November when the bank foreclosed on the home. Public, and city pressure stopped the foreclosure from happening, and now the women are secure in their home.

“How much I appreciate it, y’all,” Hall said.