Woman, 77, shoots at would-be burglar



ATLANTA - A 77-year-old grandmother says she used a gun to protect her home from a burglar.

Rita James told Channel 2’s Amanda Cook that a man tossed a brick through the bedroom window of her northwest Atlanta home Wednesday afternoon.

James said the man tried to crawl through her window.

“He got to cleaning the glass out of the window as much as he could,” James said.

James said she saw no reason to yell or try to talk to the man, so she started shooting.

“And I shot at him. I shot twice. And he wasn’t in no big hurry about leaving, but he left,” James said. “I don’t try to talk to nobody breaking in. He didn’t have no business back there by my window.”

James said she is not sure if she struck the man, but he was able to get away. She said she is more annoyed that the man broke her window.

Atlanta police told James she did the right thing by protecting herself. Officers are still searching for the burglar.