Witnesses describe horrific crash that killed 1 in Gwinnett


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Gwinnett County police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly crash that witnesses say looked just like a Hollywood stunt on Jimmy Carter Boulevard on Thursday.

Police said a driver of a minivan came flying down a hill on Singelton Road, swerved into the turn lane, then ran through a red light. Several cars were backed up waiting for their light to change, including a man, who spoke to Channel 2's Tony Thomas. He said he was taking his son to school.

"We both grabbed each other and ducked. And it rolled right over the top of us," said Dudley Berry.

Berry and his son escaped unharmed, but the driver of a car waiting just behind them was crushed and killed. Eyewitnesses said after the driver of the minivan ran the red light, the impact on Berry's car and the others was so great, his van barrel rolled front over back two or three times over the waiting cars before it came to rest onto another car.

"The guy had to be doing 85 to 95 miles an hour," said witness Romeo Jones. "Watching the car flipping and going airborne … the mess is all about the road, it was really horrific."

Police spent the morning trying to piece together the 7-car wreck.

Witnesses said the mini-van driver was thrown from his vehicle. Authorities said he's in critical condition. Only one other person suffered minor injuries.

"We are not sure why he was traveling so fast or then also in the opposite lane of traffic," said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Ed Ritter.

As the impact of what could have been began to sink in, the Berry's left this scene still in shock, and like everyone else, trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.

"It was just a violent crash," Berry said. "Thank God it flew over us."

Gwinnett County police have not identified the woman who was killed nor the driver of the van. It's unclear at this hour what charges might be filed.