• Volunteers give elderly man helping hand with caring for live stock


    BUFORD, Ga. - Volunteers are offering support for an 85-year-old Gwinnett County man who's in a dispute with the county over the care of his livestock.
    We first brought you this story Thursday on Channel 2 Action News at 4 p.m.  
    Channel 2's Tony Thomas went back to the Buford farm Friday where strangers have begun to help.
    Thomas was there as many people stopped by unannounced Friday morning to help John Lamb --strangers wanting to help the 85-year-old keep his livestock fed so Gwinnett County Animal Control won't file charges against the senior.
    “He's not neglecting these animals,” said Regina Williams. “I wish the county would realize we are taking steps to assist and back off.”
    Gwinnett officials said Lamb’s more than 50 cows are malnourished. Ten animals were recently found dead in his pasture.
    Authorities are reluctant to file charges and throw the elderly man in jail. 
    Lamb and his supporters said there are other reasons for why the animals look this way.
    “She's thin but she's scared to death of the other cows,” Lamb told Thomas, showing him one of the cows on his farm.
    Several minutes later Christal Poe and Amanda Parker returned with several bags of donated feed.
    “He's 85 years old. Nobody needs to come and try to take all his stuff from him,” Parker said.
    “There is just not enough southern hospitality left anymore,” Poe said.
    The support has left Lamb emotional.
    “It really gets to me, it's really a great way to live and I really appreciate everything they are doing,” Lamb said.
    Gwinnett County authorities said this is the ideal situation, that the volunteer situation will work and authorities will not have to become directly involved.

    A fundraising website has been set up for Lamb if you would like to donate.

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