• Volunteers brave the cold to build Habitat Homes with Clark Howard

    By: Wendy Corona


    ATLANTA - Despite the cold temperatures, an army of volunteers showed up in full force to erect Habitat for Humanity homes in Southwest Atlanta Thursday. Volunteers constructed the homes from the ground up.
    Don’t let the sunshine fool you.
    “It’s cold out here, but I appreciate everybody being here,” said Yatecca Lofton, who was all smiles on what will be the front porch of her first home. 
    Her home is just one on the block that volunteers with Habitat for Humanity are building on Clark Howard Way.  Each volunteer has a job to do and in the cold weather, they’re even more determined to get those jobs done efficiently.  Temperatures didn’t get past the mid 30s in full sun.
    “It was freezing,” said Dawn Werner, a Habitat volunteer.  “We all ate lunch and then the temperature seemed to plummet and the wind picked up and it was sort of like, ‘Oh my God! How are we going to raise the walls of these houses?’” said Werner.
    But they did. They are on track to have the homes completed by early to mid-March, even Clark Howard recognized the silver lining compared to past build days.
    “We’ve had rain, we’ve had snow, we’ve had sleet. We’ve had every weather condition known to human kind at Habitat, but our volunteers fight through it,” said Howard.
    Dawn Werner said she never thought to bail on the build.  Rather, everyone was prepared thanks to Clark Howard’s prepping.
    “What the weather conditions are going to be, how to dress in layers and how to just be prepared to work even though it’s going to be cold,” Werner stated.
    The volunteers will return to Clark Howard Way on Saturday to begin work on two more homes.

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