• Villa Rica pet owners blame poisoning for recent deaths

    By: Carl Willis


    VILLA RICA, Ga. - Pet owners in a Villa Rica neighborhood believe someone is poisoning their animals.
    A half-dozen animals have died or come close in the past four months in the Lost Lake subdivision.
    Carroll County Animal Control has looked into the incidents, but  the manager told Channel 2's Carl Willis it is difficult to prove an individual is intentionally poisoning pets.
    Wendy Lindsey said her cat was perfectly healthy but suddenly slipped into agonizing pain.
    "I didn't even have time to take him to the vet it was so quick," Lindsey said. 
    Moments later, he was gone.
    "It's like a part of me is missing, and a part of me is in the ground," Lindsey said.
    She showed Willis her cat's grave in her back yard.
    Lindsey said she is not alone. 
    Her cat passed away Thursday, and her brother's dog died three days earlier.
    According to Lindsey, two neighbors near Lost Lake Trail reported sudden and painful deaths for their animals and they all believe poisoning is the cause.
    "I would have given anything for her not to die so horribly," said Justin Lindsey. "I mean it just tore my heart out. My animal died within four hours." 
    The Manager of Carroll County Animal Control said these cases need specific proof to be taken court.
    "You either have to see someone do it, they have to be throwing (poison) on someone's property," said Lt. Mike Jacquinot.
    Jacquinot said the investigation likely cannot move forward without catching someone in the act.
    In some cases it could be as simple as lawn chemicals, or animals getting into something like rat poison that was placed legally. 
    He said you have to be able to prove intent.
    "We have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the person that did it," Jacquinot said.
    Still, grieving pet owners believe something more needs to be done.
    "They should look around question some of the neighbors ask them if they've seen anything out of the normal," said Justin Lindsey.
    "It's not a coincidence that six or seven animals in a matter of four to five months have been poisoned and died," said Wendy Lindsey.
    Some neighbors believe this may be bigger than what has been reported. 
    They are trying to round up everyone in the community whose pet has mysteriously died by posting signs in the neighborhood.

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