Vietnam vet uses rake to kill fox in Henry Co.



HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A fox went after pets and people early Thursday morning, but a Vietnam veteran stepped in to stop the attack.
James Mouzon, 63, says he was armed only with a rake and his walker when he went outside to check on his dogs. 
"All of a sudden it just hit me, and I was just trying to protect myself," he said.
Mouzon had just stepped into his yard off of Golden Acres Drive in Stockbridge, Henry County.
That's when he says the fox suddenly turned his attention from the dogs to him.
"It charged me and he got right at the bottom of the walker and got in the air," said Mouzon. "So, I fell and my legs gave out. I took the rake and caught him up in midair."
He used the tool to kill the fox.
Neighbor Michelle Swadley believes it was the same animal that attacked her, her husband and her dog just hours earlier.
"It was hanging on the back of my flip-flop," said Swadley.
She says the fox was relentless and only ran away after her husband kicked it.
"Everybody needs to know because we didn't go at it," she said. "It attacked us. It kept coming back and that worries me for people."
Especially with the number of recent rabies cases and fox attacks in Henry County. 
Swadley says she's thankful for her neighbor's actions and the fact that she won't have to watch the woods and worry.
"He's not going to bother you anymore," Mouzon told his 4-year-old granddaughter. "Pop-Pop got the bad fox."
Mouzon adopted two dogs just a month ago, but said they had to be put down after the attack.
The state lab will need to run tests to determine if the fox had rabies.