• Video of altercation between police officers, 70-year-old goes viral


    ST. SIMONS, ISLAND, Ga. -- - A YouTube video involving Glynn County police officers and a 70-year-old woman arrested on DUI charges has drawn more than 90,000 views.
    Witnesses said Kathleen Allegrone hit a car and refused to open the door to talk with police on Dec. 5 on St. Simons Island.
    Once the woman refused, witnesses – who asked to remain anonymous – said trouble began.
    “An officer entered the vehicle, opened the driver’s side door and pushed her out to the ground,” said a witness.
    They could see the officers pulling the woman toward their car, and even accused the officer of breaking her nose.
    “It really looked like a UFC takedown. The tape doesn’t do it justice, either the slam or the anguish cry afterwards,” said a witness.
    Seconds later, the officers asked the witnesses to stop recording and said, “I know it’s not against the law. I’m just asking you not to do it.”
    The witness videotaping the incident refused to stop recording.
    “You don’t have to be a 70-year-old woman to die from a brain injury or be affected for life, and it’s just lucky she didn’t,” said the witness.
    At least one officer has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.
    Allegrone has been charged with DUI and felony obstructing officers. She is free on bond.

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