Victim's parents push for speedier missing persons reports



CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - The parents of a Buckhead woman whose body was found almost a month after she disappeared is hoping the state Legislature passes a bill in her name.

The bill, which passed the state Senate, would eradicate the 24-hour waiting period required before police agencies search for missing persons. It will also give police a fast way to reach family members.

The Clayton County parents said had such a bill been in place before their daughter, Stacey English, disappeared, she may still be alive and they want to help save other lives.

The effort comes after the Hampton University graduate vanished on Dec. 26, 2011. Police found her car about a mile away from the Lakewood Fairgrounds in southeast Atlanta.

Investigators went to her apartment, but she wasn't there and they couldn't find her family members.

"We lost valuable time from the night of the 26th to the night that we filed a missing person report on the 31st. So within that time frame, we were not notified," said English's father, Kevin Jamison.

About a month after finding English's car, two men searching for scrap metal found English's body in a hole left from an uprooted tree. The medical examiner ruled that her death was accidental and she mostly passed from hypothermia.

"We lost some valuable time because we were not notified," said English's mother, Cindy Jamison.

But the Stacey Nicole English Act aims to change these circumstances from happening to another family.

"You would have an opportunity to have an emergency number with motor vehicle registration, and that will certainly save lives," said Sen. Gail Davenport, of District 44.

There were 51 yays and no nays when state senators voted on the proposed measure. The bill is currently in the House.