• Victim's family says woman who caused fatal wreck shouldn't be charged

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A husband said it serves no purpose for the woman accused of causing a crash that killed his wife to sit in jail.
    Samika Walker, 32, died in December after her car left the road and crashed into a school bus.
    Shantell Turner, 39, now faces charges of second-degree homicide by vehicle and improper lane change. Bu Walker's husband doesn't think that's right.
    "Me personally, I don't think she should be charged for vehicular homicide," Danterria Walker said.
    Walker told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that Turner is already living in her own personal cell and putting her in jail is useless.
    "She going to have to live with that man. She caused an accident and took somebody's life," he said.
    Samika Walker's family feels the same way.
    "It was an accident. I don't think the lady was being vindictive by, you know, doing that," said Carl Williams, Samika's father.
    They even hugged and consoled Turner's crying daughter after Turner made her first court appearance.
    "We left our phone number so she could try to get in touch with us later on," Williams said.

    Officers said Turner swerved into Walker's lane on Tara Boulevard near Bridgeport Lane, causing Walker to lose control and collide with a school bus last December.
    The mother of eight later died.
    Turner's pastor says she is very remorseful. She credits a higher power for the family's ability to forgive.  
    "I attribute that to God just touching their hearts," Pastor Gwen Henry said.
    Walker says what's right is right.
    "The way, how I look at it like she didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident," he said.
    Walker and his wife's family said Turner stayed at the scene and admitted her role in the crash.
    Police had no comment. An affidavit said police believe Turner unintentionally caused the crash.
    Turner is being held on a $20,500 bond.

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