Victim testifies during Daker trial about being stabbed multiple times

by: Linda Stouffer Updated:


COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Testimony continued Tuesday in the case against Waseem Daker, accused of stalking and killing a Cobb County woman.

The woman's son, Nickolas Smith, gave emotional testimony Tuesday, and described being stabbed more than a dozen times by a person whom prosecutors claim was the same man.

"Felt like I was kind of getting punched," Smith said.

He survived the stabbing on the same afternoon in 1995 that his mother, Karmen Smith, was killed.

He was 5 years old at that time. Smith choked back tears as he answered prosecutor Jesse Evans' questions about what he remembered about that night.

"I could kind of see when they ran past the window, but it was still really dark. I got up and walked, and fainted to the ground," Smith said.

Smith said the assailant was wearing dark clothes, a mask and gloves.

Daker is charged with the murder and assault. Prosecutors said DNA ties him to the crimes and that he was motivated by revenge.

Daker is representing himself at the Cobb County Courthouse and in an odd situation, weaves in and out of third-person, sometimes referring to himself as "the defendant."

Prosecutors showed a photo of Smith when he was a little boy injured in a hospital bed. At one point, Smith got down off the witness stand to give jurors a better look at his scars, both on his hands and his chest.

Christine Valenti testified she also lived in the split-level home with her own mother and on cross-examination told Daker she was, "really terrified of you."

She testified Daker called her house over and over again, especially in the days leading up to the murder.

Valenti also explained how she and Smith were searching for his mother.

"I saw an arm reach out of the room and pull Nick in so hard, that I remember I thought his neck broke. He immediately is screaming 'Christina help me' and I just froze in a moment and I was confused," Valenti said.

After the attacker got away, a babysitter later carried the stabbed child to a neighbor's house.

"Nick kept trying to reach for me, I remember his hands -- deep gashes on his little fingers," Valenti said.

When Daker cross-examined Valenti, he referred to himself differently during this exchange about conversations with her mother.

"Did she tell you that she wants me to go to prison?" Daker asked.

"No," Valenti answered.

"But you want me to go to prison?" Daker asked.

"Yes," Valenti answered.

The day of the painful testimony, Sept. 18, would have been Karmen Smith's birthday.