• Man found guilty of murdering teen in Gwinnett home invasion


    GWINNETT, Ga. - A man on trial in the murder of a 15-year-old boy killed in a Gwinnett home invasion has been found guilty on all counts.

    Prosecutors called Reco West a cold-hearted murderer, but his family is asking for understanding.

    West faces a possible life sentence for his role in the home invasion and murder of Nicholas Jackson in 2012. 

    Prosecutors say West went into the home armed with a handgun -- but never fired a shot. In recorded phone calls West described parts of the crime, but in court West has denied any direct involvement in the killing.

    West’s lawyer and even his family seem to admit he will likely go to prison. They are just holding out hope it's not for the rest of his life.

    Sentencing begins at 11 a.m. Watch live updates on Channel 2 Action News at 4.

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