• Unpaved parkway peeves local drivers

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - Some residents contacted Channel 2 Action News irritated about some major pothole problems on a street used by hundreds of people every day, who work at a large office park area. The road is Atlanta Industrial Parkway in northwest Atlanta.
    “There is a lot of potholes, it is very uneven, it is bad conditions,” said Bryce Carlson, who also plays soccer on a field on Atlanta Industrial Parkway.
    “I have a relatively new car and driving along,  bottoming out all along it,” Carlson said.
    “For safety reasons, they need to get the road fixed,” said Nathan Rosenthal, another driver.
    A worker at the industrial complex said the city of Atlanta milled the road several months ago, but never came back to repave it.
    “The road looked like it was fine before. I’m not road expert, and then they just came in and just pretty much tore the top off it, said Chris Boins, who works in the area. There are many industrial trucks, that use the road, which also caused wear and tear on the road, according to a security guard.
    “We started the milling process with scheduling of the overlay to follow however recent weather implicated a delay,” said Valerie Bell-Smith, a senior public relations manager at the City of Atlanta–Public Works, in an email to Channel 2.
    The road is scheduled to be resurfaced within the next 30 days, and it is part of the city’s annual Local Maintenance Improvement Program.

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