• Unloaded gun found at Lovejoy High School


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Two students are facing charges after school police found an unloaded gun on a Clayton County high school campus Wednesday.
    The discovery sparked a lockdown at Lovejoy High School.
    One of the students said he found the gun somewhere in the community. The other got arrested for helping him to hide it.
    “I had no idea. I would have liked a phone call or something at least to let me know with my child being there,” said parent Penny Laird.
    Clayton’s school police chief said the unloaded gun made it into the school after being concealed near the school.
    “The student concealed the weapon outside in the landscape area prior to bringing it into the school because metal detectors were in place this morning,” said Clayton County School Police Chief Clarence Cox.
    According to authorities, once teachers were no longer at those metal detectors, the student brought the weapon onto campus. An alert student overheard a conversation and told a coach.
    “Student brought onto campus after finding it in the community and a conversation ensued with another student about the sale of said weapon inside the school. It was overheard by one of our other students who reported it to a coaching staff members,” Cox said.
    Cox said Clayton County has a new zero tolerance policy that they will start hammering home from this day forward.

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