TV anchor searching for "angel" 20 years after attack



ATLANTA - A television anchor is coming forward with an emotional story of an attack in downtown Atlanta, hoping that she can find the man who came to her rescue more than two decades ago.

Diana Lewis, an anchor at WXYZ-TV in Detroit, was interviewing for a job at CNN in October 1986 when she took a wrong turn.

Lewis said she was confronted by a man, likely on Baker Street, who began to chase her.

“He had a long brown coat and brown hat. As he turned, he put his hand in his pocket to walk up to me. I have never experienced that kind of fear. I hollered out, ‘Dear God help me, please someone help me,’” Lewis said.

Lewis said a man who she calls "an angel" came to her rescue.

"I ran to him and he picked me up and I was soaking wet. He said, ‘Miss, I work out at the health club two to three nights a week and I have never come across this railroad track. Something led me this way,’" Lewis said.

Lewis returned to CNN this spring to talk to staff members and to recount the story, hoping to thank her savior.

“This young, tall, black man, strong, towel around his neck, a gym bag in his hand -- that man was my angel. [I] called on God and he sent me an angel,” Lewis said.

Channel 2’s Linda Stouffer talked to Lewis’s daughter, Glenda, who said one detail that really sticks out about man is that he said he worked in the area and never walked near the railroad tracks until that day.

If you know anything about the attack or the man who may have helped Diana Lewis you are asked to email the Detroit TV station at