Tripp Halstead undergoes surgery

by: Ashley Swann Updated:

Family picture of Tripp Halstead

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Tripp Halstead underwent serious surgery Monday morning, and family members said it went well.

"We just got word from the neuro team, and they are through and everything went great," the family said on a Facebook page dedicated to the boy's progress.

Channel 2’s Ashley Swann spoke with his mother Sunday night at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite about what they’re anticipating over the coming days.
“When they first did it, it was more to save his life,” Stacy Halstead said when asked about Tripp’s brain surgery. “Now they can take their time."
On Monday morning, a medical team worked to replace the piece of the 2-year-old’s skull doctors were forced to remove to relieve swelling on his brain after his initial accident.
Slow but steady is how Stacy and her husband, Bill, describe Tripp's recovery so far. Since being struck by a tree limb from Superstorm Sandy's winds in October, the toddler has continued to defy the odds.
“They didn't know if he was going to live,” Halstead said. “The fact that he moves his hand, moves his leg and will sometimes make eye contact with you is just, it just makes me so happy."
In addition to Monday's brain surgery, doctors also worked to relocate Tripp's feeding tube and inject Botox into his muscles to help them relax. Halstead said the hope of seeing her son smile again is keeping her going.
“That’s what I'm looking forward to,” said Halstead.


Also keeping the family going is the overwhelming support they've received from their community and well-wishers online. Stacy says they believe the prayers are making a difference.
“We believe God hears the prayers, and with over 100,000 people asking for the same thing, we think even if he wasn't going to do something, we think he would now ...hear how many people have fallen in love and are following his story,” Halstead said. “So just keep them coming, that's all we ask, is that everyone keep praying for him."
After surgery, Tripp was taken to the ICU, where he is expected to remain until Tuesday. If all goes well, doctors say he could be back in therapy by Wednesday.

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