Tribunal upholds firing of test coordinator in cheating scandal


ATLANTA - An Atlanta Public Schools tribunal decided to uphold the firing of a test coordinator accused in the standardized test cheating scandal.

Retired army officer Donald Bollock was the test coordinator at Usher Elementary School. On Tuesday, he denied that he instructed teachers to cheat on standardized tests.

Three teachers testified during the tribunal that Bollock brought them completed tests and instructed them to correct some answers on tests in 2009 to meet their target scores. One teacher said Bollock intimidated her by reminding her that she did not have tenure and her job was not protected.

The teachers resigned after admitting to changing answers on tests.

During cross-examination, an APS attorney asked Bollock why the teachers would make up the accusations.

“I don’t know what reason she did, but she did,” Bollock said.

Bollock said he did not know how the teachers had access to the tests after they were completed to change the answers.

APS has been holding tribunals for educators accused in the CRCT cheating scandal to decide if they can keep their jobs.

Bollock is the third APS educator recommended for termination by the tribunals. The school board has accepted the recommendation in one of the cases and fired the employee.

Bollock is the highest ranking school employee to face a dismissal hearing so far.