• Treasures of late president discovered in Canton trailer


    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. - A couple in Canton found the treasures of Georgia Tech’s sixth president in a secret compartment in an old camper.
    Dr. William Harrison desegregated the campus in the 1960s. He kept small mementos of big parts of his life, and years ago, they mysteriously disappeared.
    Andrew Gunter, who is one of those people who can fix anything, bought a 1978 pop-up camper to rehab. Hidden behind an electric panel, he found a box.
    He and his wife, Michelle, figured out the treasure trove of medals belonged to Harrison. He’s dead but they were determined to find his heirs and contacted Channel 2’s Jeff Dore.

    “To us, these are just really cool heirlooms. But to the family they're priceless,” Michelle Gunter said.
    “It’s a huge mystery to me. I wanted to know everything about it,” Andrew Gunter said.
    With Georgia Tech's help, Channel Dore Action News found Harrison's son, Bob Harrison, in Virginia. Dore was able to speak with him online.
    Nobody had any idea how all these medals and paraphernalia ended up in the pop-up camper, Dore said. Bon discovered his brother had put them there when he was moving their father.
    “I thought those were pretty valuable. I had put those items behind the panel, I think just in case somebody broke into the trailer when it wasn't parked on his property,” Harrison said.
    Harrison thanked the Gunters by phone. Harrison plans will come to Atlanta to pick up the treasures

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