• Trapper catches coyote in Roswell neighborhood


    ROSWELL, Ga. - Residents in Roswell neighborhood are breathing a little easier Friday after trappers caught a coyote they say had been attacking pets.
    Russ King told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik small animals were turning up dead on his piece of property in Roswell so he hired a coyote trapper. One week later, they caught the culprit.
    "Most people don't want them around here,” King said.
    When Channel 2 arrived at King's Addison Drive home, trapper Timothy Smith had the male coyote in a cage.
    "He’s pretty docile considering how they are in the real life,” Smith said.
    King was told taking the coyote off the property was for the safety of everyone in the neighborhood.
    "A lot of people have pets in the neighborhood that they allow to go free,” King said.
    Smith said coyotes are smart, elusive and hard to catch so the trap was a victory.
    "Eating the turkey here, the small deer here, eating any animal they can catch back there,” Smith said. "There will be coyotes after this, but it might give this year a good season."
    There is still a trap on the property to catch the female coyote. The trapper hopes to do that before she has babies.  By Georgia law, both of them will have to be put down.

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