Traffic stop leads arrest of Illinois man wanted for murder



FOREST PARK, Ga. - Forest Park police said dash cam video shows a fugitive wanted for murder in another state putting up a ferocious fight with officers.

It was around 1:46 a.m. Monday when officers pulled over a car on Forest Parkway near City Hall for having high beams on. Police said a passenger in the car was acting strange so they asked him to step out.

Officers said the video shows the man being questioned about his identification after police say he gave them an incorrect name.

The suspect then reaches into his pocket for his paycheck to prove who he is, and as he takes a couple of steps away officers suspect he's trying to run away.

As they try and handcuff him, that's when police say the suspect starts swinging at the officers.

Police said they used a stun gun on the suspect, they used a baton on him and even peppered sprayed him. Nothing seemed to work they said.

"The fight continued on for about 9 minutes," Forest Park Police Major Chris Matson told Channel 2's Tom Jones.

Officers say the suspect even slipped in a patrol unit and tried to drive off. It took up to five officers to finally get him under control.

"The endurance and the strength that this guy had was unbelievable," Matson said.

Police believe the suspect was under the influence of narcotics. They wondered why he was fighting so hard.

"They knew that somebody that fought that hard had to have a good reason," Matson explained.

It was 10 hours later when officers found out their suspect was Isiah Barker, 29. Barker is a fugitive wanted in Illinois and Indiana. He's accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend, Cynthia Funches, 26, and her unborn baby in 2011.

Her body was found wrapped in duct tape in a plastic storage bin in the garage of a vacant house in Chicago. Police believe she was murdered in Highland, Indiana.

Forest Park police said this incident shows why officers have to be extra careful when they pull someone over.

"When an officer makes a traffic stop they have no idea who they are pulling over," Matson said.

A Forest Park officer suffered an ankle sprain during the incident.

Barker had his first appearance on battery on an officer and auto theft and obstruction charges in the hospital, since he was injured during the fight.

No word yet when he will be transported back to Indiana to face Murder and Feticide charges there.