Top 10 celebrity moments in Georgia


ATLANTA - In no particular order:

1) GEORGIA. Our Dept. of Economic Development says feature films and televisions projects filmed in the state generated an economic impact of $3.3 billion in 2013. Wow, right?

2) Gucci Mane's multiple moments in 2013.

3) ANCHOR MAN 2 (finally finally finally) opens in the ATL.

4) NeNe Leakes threatens to file charges on Twitter.

5) Reece Witherspoon's DUI on Peachtree Street  - "Do you know who I am???"

6) Tyler Perry, we love you. We really do.

7) Atlanta, Monica Pearson and Glenn Burns make Buzzfeed list that goes super viral.

8) The sad and untimely death of Paul Walker who was filming The Fast and Furious in our fare city.

9) Mumford and Sons get kicked out of The Clermont Lounge.

10) Shannon Richardson, who acted in locally produced "The Walking Dead" mails toxic ricin to our President and NYC Mayor Bloomberg.