• Child makes 911 call for injured father

    By: Tom Regan


    ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. - A Rockdale County father credits his 4-year-old daughter for saving his life by calling 911 after he seriously injured himself in a backyard accident.
    Shawn Powers was cutting brush with a sharp machete Thursday when he accidently slashed his right arm.
    He severed an artery and tendons, which made it impossible for him to take a cellphone from his pocket and call 911 for help. He said he if didn't apply pressure to the wound he feared he might bleed to death.
    "I told Elisha, 'You're going to have to call an ambulance for daddy. Daddy can't call. I can't use my right hand,'" said Powers.
    Powers told Channel 2's Tom Regan, that he previously had taught his daughter how to unlock his phone and punch 911.
    He walked her through the steps again. After making the call, she held the phone to his ear while he spoke to a county 911 dispatcher.
    During the call obtained by Channel 2 Action, Elisha can be heard in the background. Her father says he bragged about her daughter’s cool nerves during the medical emergency.
    His daughter was still 3 years old when she makes the call last week.
    "Everybody at the hospital, all the nurses and the doctors, I kept telling them, 'My 4-, I mean, 3-year-old daughter called and saved my life,'" said Powers.
    Regan spoke to the Elisha as she re-enacted how she made the 9-1-1 call.
    "Were you scared while this was happening?" asked Regan
    "No. I was brave," said Elisha
    Elisha turned 4 on Monday. Her father said he is proud her daughter learned her lessons on making emergency calls and her actions call for a special celebration.
    "Happy birthday to my daughter, my hero,” Powers said.
    Power said he's expected to make a full recovery in six months but does not have medical insurance to cover his bills.

    Anyone wishing to donate assistance can do so by going here.

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