• Three children hit by car in Gwinnett County


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A car struck and injured three children walking along a dark road in Gwinnett County.

    Officers spent several hours investigating the incident on Graves Road near East National Circle Thursday night.

    A green Volkswagen hit the children as they walked to the store, police said.

    A nearby officer saw a 4-year-old get tossed into the air.

    “The 4-year-old actually had head injuries, lacerations and abrasions on different parts of his body,” Gwinnett police Sgt. Chris Medved said.

    Two older children suffered cuts and bruises, according to Medved.

    Police said the driver stopped immediately.

    “He feels bad for the children. He asked how they are and he’s concerned for them,” Medved said.

    Police said they do not expect to charge the driver.

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