Charity feeds thousands in metro area



ATLANTA - Thousands of people received free hot meals, haircuts, clothes and various supplies on Sunday as part of Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless' Easter tradition.

The charity organization served 1,500 meals along Donnelly Avenue and prepared an additional 7,000 meals to distribute into the community. A number of other free services were available, including a barber shop, financial counseling and a kid's corner.

Included in the Easter celebration was a church service and a traditional foot washing.

There were other local events that also brought a crowd.

A Channel 2 Action News crew also captured thousands of people on the mountaintop of Stone Mountain for the 69th annual sunrise service.

Channel 2’s Amanda Cook covered the event, featuring prayers, songs and a sermon about the meaning of resurrection.

Drizzling, windy weather may have contributed to a lower turnout compared to last year. But attendees, many bundled with blankets and hats, said it would have taken more than weather to stop them from coming out.

“I actually heard about it on the news last year and last year was the first year I was aware they were doing it. I made it a point to come out this year, because I didn’t want to miss it,” said longtime resident Jamal Joiner.

His friend said she was also glad to share the experience.

“I thought it was amazing just to be up here for the sunrise service, and it was just so symbolic of Easter and the resurrection,” said Alycia Napier.