Thieves storm through McDonald's drive-thru window



DUNWOODY, Ga. - Police are looking for a crew that has been robbing McDonald's restaurants across metro Atlanta.

Dunwoody police said the crew has struck twice in the last few weeks. Video of a Monday morning robbery showed men storming through a drive-thru window, but police said the thieves left behind a big clue in two cases.

"You could tell this was planned,” Dunwoody police Sgt. Mike Carlson told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik.

The Monday incident happened at the McDonald’s location on Ashford-Dunwoody Road around 4 a.m. The video shows a man driving up to order something.

"The driver knew the window was locked.  He placed an order, knew it would be unlocked, and that's when the suspects made entry," Carlson said.

The group jumped through the window with guns. Once inside, the video shows the men forcing their way into a back office where they held the manager at gunpoint and raided the safe.

"It's nothing I've seen before," said Carlson.

Police in Sandy Springs are also investigating a very similar robbery at the McDonald's drive-thru on Hammond Drive Dec. 27.

"In both cases, one of the suspects leaves a firearm at each location, so we're working closely with them to see if they are, in fact, related," Carlson said.

Customers outside the Sandy Springs store couldn't believe the gunman would be so brazen. Kenneth Finney believes the robberies are a sad sign of the times.

"I’ve got to be really desperate.  I think it's really wrong to do something like that," Finney said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Dunwoody police at 678-382-6900.