Thieves break into pawn shop, steal guns

by: Rachel Stockman Updated:

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - Douglas County sheriff’s investigators say surveillance footage caught some bold robbers smashing through a pawn shop and stealing guns.
The owner of Buck’s Pawn Shop on Maxham Road says the thieves cut through his fence and used a hammer to smash into the store.
“Every now and then the dirty ugly head of criminals stick their noise<or nose?> into my business and I don’t want any part of it,” Tim Adams told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman
Adams says the thieves made off with two guns and a BB gun, which he said the thieves likely mistook for a real gun.
“Thirteen seconds is all I’m going to say for that. It is likely they were casing the store,” Adams said.
Adams is a former law enforcement officer with Douglas County and has spent hours reviewing his own footage to try to match the crooks to a customer that was in the store at an earlier date.
“I’ve solved crimes in the past using my security system,” Adams said.
“I had a break-in at my previous location and within a few hours they were in jail, so I expect a lot out of the Sheriff’s Office and they usually do well,” Adams said.
If you have any information about this case, please contact Inv. Dale Kelley at 770-920-4903 or

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