Teens to face sentencing in classroom beating case

by: Ryan Young Updated:



A teen attacked at Westlake High School is finally finding out what will happen to his attackers.

"This didn't happen the way it should have. Unfortunately, I think we have a long way to go I have a teenager who for the most part hasn't come out of his room since November," the victim's mother, Meredith, said.

She asked to withhold her last name for her son's safety, after the boy was attacked during class last November at Westlake High School. The attack sent her son to the hospital, where doctors had to wire his jaw shut and place a metal plate in his head.

"Three of the children were found delinquent, which meant they committed the acts that they were charged with," said the family's lawyer, Ester Panitch.

Meredith told Channel 2's Ryan Young the lack of action by the substitute teacher that day still bothers her.

"The sub didn't know where the panic button was," she said. "I went to classroom shortly after (and) there was a large bookcase in front of the panic button."

The final sentencing could happen this week.