• Teen uses cellphone app to take pictures of alleged thief


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Kali Preston is taking matters into her own hands, posting pictures of the man she said stole her 13-year-old daughter’s Galaxy phone when she was at track practice at the Sandtown Park and Gymnasium in south Fulton County. Her daughter, Kaia Preston, had downloaded the Lookout security application.
    “It actually sent us a picture of the guy who had her phone. We were shocked, not only did it give us his picture, it also gave us the address of where he went on his way home from the gym,” said Kali Preston.
    Not only that, Kali Preston said the man started texting her back from her daughter’s phone.
    “The fact that he found the password, was texting my mom and was cursing at us,” said Kaia Preston.
    “I said, ‘Look, not only do we know where you live, we have a picture. I don’t want to post your picture everywhere. Just take the phone back,’” Kali Preston said.
    So far the phone has not been turned in and Kali Preston filed a report with Fulton County police, including a map of where the cell phone was last tracked and the man’s picture.
    Federal officials say cellphone theft is one of the fastest growing crimes.
    Police are using technologies like apps more and more often to track criminals.
    Channel 2 Action News is not releasing the photo of the man because he has not been named a suspect or arrested yet.

    The Federal Communication Commission issued these recommendations on how consumers should protect themselves: http://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-consumer-facts-stolen-and-lost-wireless-devices



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