• Teen jumps out window to escape deputy, who now faces sexual assault charges

    By: Tom Jones


    JONESBORO, Ga. - A teenager says she had to jump out of her bedroom window to get away from a deputy, who now faces sexual assault charges. 
    Phillip Richards, 42, had to be shown which way to go as he went before Clayton County Magistrate Court Judge Richard Brown.
    One might think he would know his way around the courtroom since he's a Clayton County deputy.  He's a deputy who now faces serious charges that will keep him behind bars for a while. 
    "Under Georgia law I cannot set a bond at this time for aggravated child molestation. That has to be on a separate bond calendar," Brown told Richards during his first court appearance.
    Richards faces aggravated child molestation and another sex-related charge after police say he molested a 13-year-old girl. 
    "The offender committed a sexual act on a female juvenile who was sleeping on the floor," said Officer Ron Coloma with the Clayton County Police Department.
    According to the criminal warrant, Richards was babysitting the teenager. The girl's mother was out of town. The victim says she fell asleep in her mother's room watching a movie. She says she woke up to find Richards attacking her.
    The child says she then ran to her room and locked the door.
    "She climbed out of a window and left the incident location," Coloma said. She then ran to a relative's home.
    Richards said next to nothing in court.
    "You have any questions?" the judge asked
    "No sir," Richards responded.
    The Clayton County Sheriff's Office says Richards has been placed on administrative leave without pay.
    He will remain behind bars, at a place he works, at least until a bond hearing is held next month.

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