Mother devastated after teen son killed while running from pit bull



FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police say a pit bull chased a teenager into the street and both were hit and killed by a car.
Davon Jiggetts’ family is pleading with the owner of that pit bull to come forward.
The teen’s mother is devastated, but she hopes talking to Channel 2 will encourage the dog's owner or neighbors of the dog's owner to come forward.
The markings are still on Old National Highway. The teen lived only a couple of blocks from where the accident happened.
“He was almost home. He was almost home. He had one block, two blocks, he was almost home,” said Davon’s mother Alicia Jiggette.
Alicia said her 17-year-old son had been at his girlfriend’s house Friday night and took the bus home. He was walking from the stop on Old National Highway near the Walmart early Saturday when he was confronted by a large white pit bull.
"Apparently a dog chased him and he was trying to get away from the dog,” Alicia said.
Several witnesses reported the dog was after Davon and the teen ran into the street in an attempt to escape. Devon and the dog were struck by a car and killed.
"My son is dead because of this. My son is dead. There's no replacing him, there's no replacing him,” Alicia said.
The driver stopped and will not be charged, but police want to track down the dog's owner.
“Please come forward,” Alicia said.
Alicia said she has no way to pay for her son's funeral. He had medical insurance, but not life insurance.
"To know him was to love him and most people did, most people did,” Alicia said.
The family has set up a donation website to help pay for Davon's funeral.