• Teen girl loses leg after accident during snowstorm


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News has learned a teenage girl caught between two cars sliding on an icy road during last week's winter storm has lost her leg.
    The girl's family spoke for the first time about the tragedy on a Cobb County road.
    When paramedics rushed 13-year-old Mary Lindemulder to the emergency room, they had hopes doctors could save her badly hurt left leg.
    A week later, the teen's uncle told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt it was not meant to be.
    “Although her left leg was not able to be saved it is anticipated with time her right leg will make a full recovery,” said Mary’s uncle, Gregg Lindemulder.
    The tragedy happened in the third day of the snow emergency, a hill on Herodian Way had been an ice rink  when one car slid into the curb, the Lindemulder's black Toyota also slid off the road behind it.  Mary, her twin sister and mother got out to push.
    “There was a car coming and I got out of the car and tried to tell them to get back in the car but by then the car was coming too fast,” said witness Stephanie Porras.
    Gregg Lindemulder said Mary's mother Wendy grabbed a shirt to stop the bleeding before paramedics made it through the icy streets to the scene.
    Wendy's instant reaction and calm manner in the face of the agonizing scene unfolding before her and her family saved Mary's life.
    “All I heard was the little girl screaming and crying, the sister, it was  horrible,” Gregg said.
    But in the week since, the horrible has turned to kindness. Mary's family said many have reached out asking what they can do, how they can help. Social media pages share concerns and another group is trying to raise money for the family.
    “While this tragedy has unfairly and abruptly taken so many things from Mary, they are now on a journey to seek what it has given,” said Gregg said.

    The family has set up a fundraising website to help pay for her recovery.

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