Teen arrested in locker room Tasing



CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga.,None - A teenager accused of Tasing a high school basketball player at a Clayton County school is behind bars after months on the run.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones first covered the story in February, when warrants were issued for 18-year-old Christian Johnson's arrest after, police said, she attacked a student at North Clayton High School. The county Sheriff's Office is blaming a clerical error for her not being picked up 10 months ago.

On Tuesday, Johnson faced a judge for her battery charge. She and 19-year-old Teana Patterson are accused of sneaking into the school and attacking a basketball player in the girl's locker room, “By punching her and using a Taser on the back of her neck,” Judge Beatriz Scott said.

Patterson was arrested and warrants were issued for Johnson's arrest. Her mother said they knew about the warrant.

“Our plan was to just wait until she got her W-2s and her income tax,” Johnson’s mother, Natalie, said.

A Clayton County Sheriff’s Office representative said it took so long to arrest Johnson because the warrant listed an incorrect address. Deputies are still trying to figure out why. They said College Park police picked up Johnson, noticed the warrant and turned her over to Clayton County.

Johnson’s mother disputes the charges.

“None of us have weapons. We don't carry weapons,” she said. “That's my baby. I don't want to see her in jail. She's not that type of person.”