• Tax preparer arrested in undercover sting


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Clayton County tax preparer has been arrested in an undercover investigation.
    The Georgia Department of Revenue's chief of special investigations said when an undercover agent went to Accurate Tax Services March 4, while Channel 2’s Mark Winne watched from nearby, the numbers tax preparer Jean Civil put on her tax return were far from accurate.
    [How much was she supposed to get back?] “Approximately $600 federal and $16 from the state, and she got over $3,000 total,” said Chief Josh Waites of the Georgia Department of Revenue.
    A revenue spokesman said Civil allegedly inflated numbers for phony deductions and an education credit for the agent posing as a customer and she's been charged with forgery and false swearing.
    Waites said the state revenue department, along with the Clayton County District Attorney's office, raided the business with a search warrant.
    Waites indicated an undercover recording makes their case.
    “[Do you believe this goes on a lot in Georgia]? I do. And we’re going to spend more time investigating these tax preparers in the future. [And who pays?] Every taxpayer in America. [Legitimate taxpayers?] Yes,” Waites said.
    Civil was arrested Thursday.
    “We’re going to check every tax return filed from this location,” Waites said.
    By phone, a man who told Channel 2 he was part-owner of Accurate Tax services, said he's been out since January for health reasons and if anything illegal was going on he was unaware.

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