Tattoo removal clinic shuts down abruptly

By: Jim Strickland


ATLANTA - A well-known tattoo removal clinic abruptly closed without giving clients warning or refunds.

The Dr. Tattoff  office in Buckhead is no longer in business.

Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland got tipped by email, then found a note from an upset client posted on the door.

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"I'm in the medical field now and it's just kind of frowned upon to have the tattoo," Marie Rohner said. "They told me I'd get 40 percent off, so of course I paid the $1,200 upfront.  I feel we're not going to get that money back, so it is definitely a loss."

Dr. Tattoff had confirmed Rohner's appointment Sept. 7, the same day it closed.

Elizabeth Alender received the same confirmation. Her boyfriend has received 12 treatments, but the penguin tattoo behind his ear is still there. They paid $500.

"Now we're going to have to go put more money down somewhere else to try to get it done," she said.

A source gave Strickland the cellphone number for the Marietta woman now in charge.  He called, texted and emailed but got no response.

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