Suspect testifies against co-defendants in gang crime spree


Tamario Wise, 19, Raphael Cross, 23, Robert Veal, 18, and Fernandez Whatley, 21, faced 90 charges in connection with a series of robberies, rapes, assaults, carjackings and the murder of Charles Boyer, 39, in November 2010.

ATLANTA - A man accused in a violent crime spree across northeast Atlanta turned against his alleged gang cohorts Friday.

Channel 2’s Jeff Dore was in a downtown Atlanta courtroom where Ralph Cross took the stand in jailhouse clothes and shackles. He and three others are accused in a slew of attacks that gripped the city two years ago. Police have identified them as members of the Jack Boys gang.

The group was thrown into the spotlight after the killing of Charles Boyer, a Virginia-Highland man who died defending his girlfriend in a robbery.

“I think he was fighting for his life,” Cross said.

He admitted to witnessing the November 2010 attack but said he didn’t take part. He said the triggerman was Tamario Wise, the alleged ringleader of the gang.

The group is also suspected in an attack elsewhere in the city later that night. Cross said Wise and co-defendant Robert Veal jumped out, robbed a man, and then took him into an apartment while Cross stayed outside. Inside, a woman was raped, according to testimony.

“He walked away from me and then, the second person came in and got on top of me and then he raped me,” the alleged victim said.

Cross said after a while, he went into the apartment and saw Veal and Wise.

“I go to the next room. That's when I seen them raping the lady,” Cross said.

But defense attorneys pointed out that at both crime scenes, witnesses said three men took part.

Friday afternoon the testimony turned to the police work involved in making the arrests.

A detective on the Atlanta Police Complex Crimes Squad told jurors how the unit linked cell phone records, a stolen credit card, a stolen car, gas station security video and embroidery stitched on the seat of a suspect's pants to get confessions from two of the men.